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Passi henkilökortti Passikuva  viisumikuva Tampere keskusta heti ilman ajanvarausta ajokortti Tullintori poliisi kuva suoraan poilisille sähköinen valokuva kuvakoodi oleskelulupa Passport ID card Passport photo visa photo Tampere city center immediately without an appointment driver's license Tullintori police photo directly to the police electronic photo Photo code residence permit Паспорт удостоверение личности Паспорт фото фото визы центр города Тампере сразу без записи водительские права фото полиции Туллитори непосредственно в полицию электронное фото фото код вида на жительство

Photos for a passport

Photos for a passport, visa, driver's license, residence permit and other 


Paper photos (includes 4-6 photos) 


Sending photos by email


Family discount from 3 people


Student or hotel guest 



Scanning VHS tapes and transferring them onto a memory card

  • VHS tape

  • VHS-C video

  • i8mm stripH

  • MiniDV cassette

1 cassette

5 cassettes and more



10 cassettes and more than


Digitization of a paper image to a memory card


Digitization and printing of a paper image 10x15


Digitization and printing of a paper image 13x18


Paper photo processing fee / client



You can get printed photos from us right now. You can send photos to us by email.

Processing fee/a customer


Printing 10x15


Printing 13x18


A4 printing


A3 printing



Scanning and printing of documents


Photo for resume

Without an appointment, you can easily get representative photos (waist-high photos) in the photo studio for your resume. Depending on your choice, you can get a photo on a black, gray or white background. Includes 1-3 shots of your choice with a full montage. You will receive the photos by email.


For companies, we have two options:

1. No booking necessary. You can visit a photo studio at any time that is convenient for you during our business hours.


(including VAT)

2. Or you can sign up for a personal photo shoot. Everyone who needs to be photographed arrives on the same day at the same time. All photo sessions take place in our photo studio, where you can also take a full-length photo and choose a special background color for your company.

We upload all finished images  to a cloud folder, from where you can download images for your use. The link will be sent to your email.

Group of 1-5 people

182 € (including VAT)

Group of 5-10 people

273 € (including VAT)

10-15 people

364 € (including VAT)

Edustava kuva Cv kuva  henkilöstökuvamatrikkelikuva tampere keskusta ilman ajanvarausta firman kuva työntekijä Representative image Cv image personnel image matriculation image Tampere center without appointment company image employee фото для резюме красивое фото
Tuotekuva studiossa nettisivuja varten katalogikuva mainoskuva tampere keskusta mallikuva tuote ainekuva nopeasti Product image in the studio for websites, catalog image, advertising image, Tampere center, Model image, product material image, quickly  Изображение продукта в студии для веб-сайтов, изображение каталога, рекламное изображение, центр Тампере, изображение модели, изображение материала продукта, быстро

Subject Shooting

We do subject photography mainly in our studio

Images of items on a monochrome background without decorations (suitable for online stores)


The last price is affected by the duration of the shooting, i.e. the number of items and the location of the shooting.

All images include the desired image processing /logo/

A mileage surcharge of 0.55 cents/km is added to film outside the studio.

Editing all successful images and uploading them to a cloud folder.

The products can be brought to the place or sent to us by mail.

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