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Instructions for the recipient of the gift card

Mini shoot in the Studio

Contains one person's description, one background. If you haven't been to a shoot before, we recommend a white or beige background. These background colors are very popular, and all colored clothes look good on a light background. We choose the background together at the time of shooting.  

Tip! Think in advance about the clothes you are going to wear in the filming. You cannot change outfits during the mini-shoot. During the shoot, we take half-body photos, in the same outfit.

The studio has a neat dressing room where you can change clothes for filming. If you wish, you can take a change of clothes with you. Please note that the clothes used in the shoot must be clean and ironed.

Fill out the form below to schedule a free photo session in our studio.

Note! Take the gift card with you on the day of the shoot.

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